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Common abbreviations include BA and MA for Bachelor and Master of Arts, BS/BSc and MS/MSc for Bachelor and Master of Science, MD for Doctor of Medicine and PhD for Doctor of Philosophy. In most nations, gaining an academic degree entitles the holder to assume distinctive tutorial dress explicit to the awarding establishment, figuring out the status of the individual carrying them. The educational rankings in the Syrian Arab Republic are similar to the Egyptian ones; see Academic ranks in Egypt for details.

Distinguished Professor, Emeritus Professor, and other professorships with highest honour and contributions to knowledge and society. Ranks in universities of Afghanistan is listed below based on the Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan, These ranks are issued stepwise by the MoHE after some process, period of service and Conditions. In most cases, the academic rank is routinely attached to an individual as quickly as he/she is employed in a position with the same name, and deprived when a working relation is expired.

Some of the established diploma naming has, nonetheless, been preserved, allowing universities to award the “Diplom-Ingenieur” (and for a while additionally the “Magister”) to graduates of the brand new-style Master programmes. The passing grade is 10 out of 20 which is 50% of the entire mark; 20. This grading system is used from center-college up to university level. Abbreviations used for degrees range between international locations and establishments, e.g. MS indicates Master of Science in the US and places following American usage, but Master of Surgery in the UK and most Commonwealth countries, the place the usual abbreviation for Master of Science is MSc.

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The Technological Educational Institutes ( ) had been reformed between 2013 and 2019 and their departments integrated into present universities. The holders of administrative ranks have to be Professors or Associate Professors. The solely exception is Secretary General, who isn’t a college member. Αn honorary title for individuals at the rank of Professor who have reached the authorized age for retirement; If they want, they have the right, for a limited time after retirement, to proceed their analysis tasks.

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academic degree

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Level B – Lecturer, Research Fellow; Level B is the first tenured tutorial rank, usually requires at minimal, completion of a PhD. Level C – Senior Lecturer, or Senior Research Fellow if research intensive; equivalent to Senior/Principal Lecturer at a UK university. Level D – Associate Professor, or Principal Research Fellow if analysis intensive; equivalent to Reader/Associate Professor at a UK college.