How to Quickly Understand Reading and Remember the Details

There are 5 easy ways to remember readings and understand the contents of a reading. The method in question is using the HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skill) ability when reading, applying scanning reading techniques, skimming, mind mapping, and repetition. Let’s discuss how one by one.

Use HOTS Think Mode

Actually, if your purpose of reading is to remember in detail and fully understand the contents of the reading, then you can’t just memorize it. You need HOTS thinking mode, aka Higher Order Thinking Skill. This quick way to understand reading becomes the basic principle so that you are able to read intensively and understand the contents of the reading as a whole.

Through this mode of thinking, you are required to remember, understand, know how to apply, be able to analyze, to be able to evaluate the concepts of the material you read. You have to really understand the details of the reading that you want to remember. Before reading, you must know first, what you want to remember and what things you want to look for.

Scanning Reading Techniques

So that you can know what you want to remember and what you want to learn, you can apply the scanning reading technique. This reading technique focuses on certain information, or you could say jump reading technique. Your reading process only leads to specific details that you think are important to know.

Why is this technique necessary? According to Kak Fikri, at one time our brain can only remember 4-7 pieces of information. For example, words, sentences, numbers, or numbers. Therefore, you must choose specific information so that it can enter long-term memory. When you know a variety of specific information, you can find out the relationship between each information easily.

You can also apply this scanning reading technique when reading the reading text of a question. You need to scan the problem first so you know what it means. Here are the steps for the scanning reading technique that you can follow:

    Find the purpose of reading, or understand the problem instructions (if applied to problem solving).

    Remember specifically what information to look for.

    Usually, scanning is used to answer detailed information about 5W + 1H (who, what, when, where, why, how) in a reading.

    In working on the problem, use keywords to help find the information instructed. For example, “Who is the leader of the Ambarawa battle in the text above?” The key word is leader.

How to Quickly Understand Reading by Skimming

In addition to scanning techniques, you can also apply skimming as a quick way to understand reading. Skimming technique is a speed reading skill to get an overview of a text. Usually, you only need to skim to find the main idea or main paragraph of a reading. Once you know the idea, it will be easier for you to understand the content of the text as a whole.

Well, since if you want to understand the reading and remember the details, you have to think about using HOTS. You need to use your reasoning to explain the idea in your own language.

Sis Fikri conveyed that there are two signs that your reasoning is strong and can explain ideas in your own language, among others, you can give examples related to everyday applications and you can re-explain one paragraph using different language or paraphrase.

In its application, scanning and skimming techniques are usually applied simultaneously. You can do the following steps to apply the skimming technique:

    Read only the first sentence of each subsequent paragraph.

    Pay close attention to the last paragraph and look at the things that are the emphasis, whether it be a conclusion or a conclusion.

    Look for words that get special treatment: italic, bold, underline because these words usually carry important meaning.

    Pay attention to numbers or statistical data (if any) to strengthen general understanding of the reading.

Making Mind Maps

After knowing the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeach paragraph from a passage, you need to map each information through mind mapping. These mappings must be related to each other, must not be randomized or not in accordance with the main idea. The goal is to make it easier for you to understand and remember main thoughts, ideas, or keywords from detailed information in the long term.

Examples of mind mapping that are most often used are making branching lines, pictures, and keywords related to the main concept or idea. The mind mapping method is useful for making your reading activities more accurate and effective.

Apply Loop

If you already understand and have sufficient information regarding the text you are reading, all you have to do is repeat it so that you remember what you are reading. According to Kak Fikri, this repetition can be done in simple ways, including:

    Telling the concept of reading to others.

    Write draft readings in personal blogs, notes, or diaries. It can be in the form of reviews, summaries, and so on.

    Think about the content of the reading and compare it with other concepts you know.