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This was due to their work with RAND Corporation, who had bought a PDP-6 to run their JOSS language, which was conceptually very similar to BASIC. This led DEC to introduce a smaller, cleaned up version of JOSS known as FOCAL, which they closely promoted in the late Nineteen Sixties. However, with timesharing methods extensively offering BASIC, and all of their competitors in the minicomputer house doing the identical, DEC’s customers have been clamoring for BASIC. After administration repeatedly ignored their pleas, David H. Ahl took it upon himself to purchase a BASIC for the PDP-8, which was a serious success within the schooling market. By the early Nineteen Seventies, FOCAL and JOSS had been forgotten and BASIC had turn into nearly common in the minicomputer market. DEC would go on to introduce their up to date model, BASIC-PLUS, … Read More