Tips for Effective and Fun Learning Ways

The main key to a person’s success is to be willing to learn. There are several ways that are usually done in learning, but the most important is how you can apply quality learning methods.

Quality learning is an effective and efficient way of learning so it doesn’t waste a lot of time, energy and thought.

And the thing that most people ignore is learning in a fun way so that learning is no longer a boring routine.

Finding effective learning methods and ways is indeed a process. Not all individuals have the same effective way of learning as other individuals.

Observation as well as analytical skills are needed to find out the most appropriate learning method for someone to be able to learn quality that is effective, efficient and fun.

Everyone has aspirations to be successful in any field. That’s why learning goals are very important for you. Start by defining your study goals.

Learn for what, to achieve what, to master what or for what purpose? Setting study goals will make your study straight on track and focus on the goals you will achieve.

Learn With Discipline

Discipline is very necessary in learning, because that way we can manage the time and what we will learn.

Learning also needs to be timed. When do you start and when do you take a break. Discipline is very necessary in studying. Because it is from discipline that people can be successful.

If you are not disciplined in your studies, your dreams of becoming a successful person will be hampered.

Make a complete study list with time. Run all the study lists according to the schedule you have made. And focus on the goals and ideals that you will achieve by studying.

Don’t get used to studying when tomorrow will be a test or exam. This will burden you in absorbing the subject matter.

Effective time in studying at home is 1-2 hours to repeat lessons. Studying too long is also not good because it will make us tired and concentration decreases so it is less effective.

Remember, learning does not have to wait for homework (Homework), but when there is no homework at school. Then you need to read or repeat the material that has been delivered by the teacher.

Learn with others

The habits of each individual are certainly different. Some are more able to concentrate and absorb lessons by studying on their own.

But there are also those who prefer to study with friends or in groups. Studying with classmates or family members can be one of the important points that make it easier for you to absorb lesson material effectively.

 The advantage of this method is the state in which you can discuss a particular material. You can exchange opinions, ask questions, or even teach each other how to solve certain problems.

One thing you should be aware of, group learning will be completely useless if the people in it are not focused on the subject matter in it.

 Also get used to not relying on one particular person in answering questions when studying in groups. And the important thing is to find friends who are serious about learning, not just hanging out together.

Find a Comfortable Place

One that supports you in learning is the place or location of study. It turns out that the place or location of learning also affects you in concentrating.

A comfortable atmosphere will help the brain work more prime. When the mind is comfortable, the heart will be happy too. So that learning will feel easy to digest.

However, a comfortable place does not have to be spacious but the place is neat and clean.

Get rid of things that are not important around where you study so that the room looks more comfortable and neat.

Try the lights in your learning room to support and fit in your eyes for reading. However, we can’t deny that the comfortable version is very relative depending on your own heart.

Drink water

Water has a natural function to make the body fresh, especially after concentrating for a long time on learning something. Provide a glass of water while you study.

When you feel you are starting to lose concentration, your eyes are tired, or you are bored, take a glass of water.

In addition to functioning to restore concentration that has begun to disperse, plain water can also make you healthier and fresher.

Know your learning type

Sometimes someone can’t get maximum results on tests or exams not because they can’t. However, this happens because of their wrong way of learning.

If you like to learn with symbols, pictures and visualizations, then study things that involve visual things that will interest you, for example by paying attention to the pictures in the source book and then reviewing the explanations, using illustrations and colors that vary in your notebook so that you are always interested in learning. learn it.

If you like to learn by listening to your voice, you can read aloud, or while listening to other sounds you like.

Or there is also a way to make small notes that contain important points from what you learn.

Take Notes

When the teacher explains the subject matter at school, it doesn’t hurt if you summarize what you hear in a small note.

This will make it easier for you to repeat lessons at home. Apart from that, make special notes that contain the core material of each chapter.

By summarizing the teaching material it will strengthen your memory. Because when you write, the brain will also work in processing the lesson.

A good note is a note that contains the essence. You can just write with various creations. This makes it easier for you to read it later, especially when there is a sudden test.


Before studying, exercise for a while to prepare the body and brain for the lesson. Just half an hour of aerobic exercise like running or jogging or yoga can sharpen your brain’s ability to understand new concepts.

In addition to making the brain so fresh, the body is also getting healthier and fitter. Having a healthy and fit body condition will help and make it easier for you to concentrate while studying.

Snack and listen to music

Continuous learning sometimes makes a person bored and tired. There is nothing wrong if when our bodies and eyes start to get tired and our concentration decreases, we take a short break by eating a snack.

As long as it doesn’t make us too full, it has been proven effective to increase concentration power. Therefore, always provide snacks and various snacks to accompany your study.

When finished, you will definitely feel more refreshed and your concentration to learn again at the peak. If necessary, also provide soft drinks such as fresh fruit juice and syrup to accompany your snack.

In addition to snacks or light snacks, there may be some of you who prefer to take a short break by listening to music. Listening to music or songs that we like is proven to also help you to restore decreased concentration.

So that after a moment of listening to music you will be excited and concentrated to continue learning.

Maybe that’s what I can share for those of you who really want to learn in a quality way but still fun and not boring.